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The Workplace 

To every thing there is a season

Think purpose. Everyone has a unique assignment within a workplace with a purpose, driven by a process. This book combines a common view as to why we face challenges in our working environment and how they are often tied to a plan for our life. The message shines light on God’s purpose for work assignments and how we sometimes wrestle with that purpose.

Seasons are appointed times. We face various seasons within our work atmospheres, and this reading will address some themes pertaining to the “workplace” to bring more awareness to some of the things that impact of our purpose-driven life.

This encouraging book will also help those who have experienced trials within the place of work to bring healing, insight, and preparation for seasons within their working environments.


The foundational driver behind this writing is how crucial prayer is to any work obligations we are assigned to in life. Included also are some written prayers to assist in the following areas: 


  • Leaders in the workplace

  • Wrestling with our purpose

  • Seasons within the workplace

  • Praying for one another in the workplace

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