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Seeing is Believing

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This article is designed to help build up your insight so that we can believe what we are seeing. Although we have physical eyes, our true sight remains within.

Having insight is LIKE a beam of light shining on a beautiful precious diamond giving off an instantaneous glow. The light is only a reflection of the diamond’s brilliance, but the actual value is in the diamond.

We all have a diamond (image) inside of us. It was given to mankind during the creation of man (Genesis 1:26), and when the light of truth shines on that image it gives us a reflection of Christ.

Now, some may not want to relate Christ to the light but it is written;

Then spake Jesus again unto them, saying,

I am the light of the world:

he that followeth me shall not walk in darkness,

but shall have the light of life. John 8:12 (KJV)

Light comes to uncover what is already there. This is how seeing is…when something is hidden from us it is because the light (sight) has not revealed it to us. Once the light hits it, then we can see it. Even when knowledge is unveiled – immediately it is highlighted in our intellect.

Our natural vision is very important because this is how we physically view things. Spiritual insight responds to the things revealed to us inwardly. Both are needed, which is why God gave them to us.

Let’s park on the spiritual vision for a moment. Our spiritual insight draws closer to our heart. This is why I believe God deals with our heart and our vision when it comes to developing us.

Before we came into the knowledge about Christ – we are spiritually blinded. Meaning we cannot see the truth that exists although it is already within us. It is only when our blinded eyes are open that uncovers what has been there all along.

The truth lies within and the light shines brighter when it is revealed.

Here is a great example: In the Bible it talks about a man that was BLIND from birth (John 9). We can only imagine that this man’s life had to be hard for him. Little did that man know his purpose in life was to be used for the works of God?

Please HEAR ME…we never know if we are a candidate to be used for God's Work. Purpose is our anchor for being in the earth. Everybody’s purpose is divine (even Judas).

So, Jesus saw the blind man and told the disciples that the reason the man was blind was so the works of God would be made manifest. Just when we think our life belongs to ourselves, we get chosen.

Jesus spat on the ground and made a MUD-PIE as we know it…and placed it on the blind man’s eyes and then told him to GO to wash in a pool of water. Now this man could not see clay on his eyes, nor did he know how Jesus made it because he was blind.

When we are blind, we do not see the details of how things are being done because most of the time we are being led by somebody or something else. We are missing things that we should be seeing.

Why can’t we see who we really are? Where is the reflection? Are we spiritually blinded? If we do not know without any doubt that we are beautifully, wonderfully and uniquely made, then there is a lack of light shining in our lives.

After Jesus healed this man and gave him sight – right away comes the HATERS. They wanted to question every part of the miracle instead of rejoicing in the works Jesus did. We can always identify haters because they come with a list to pull us down…goals, dreams and visions.

The haters (Jews/Pharisees) were upset that the miracle was performed on the Sabbath (holy day set aside for rest). They kept asking the former blind man to repeat what had happened over and over again. They were trying to find fault in the miracle that Jesus performed. Most of the time, haters are blind in their spiritual walk.

Isn’t that how we do sometimes when truth is revealed and the light is shining? It’s evident that these things happened, yet we still want to question it – to see if it is real.

To make matters worse, the Jews questioned whether the man was actually blind when he received his sight. So they called his parents to verify that the man was born blind. In reading this in the Bible, I am like really….

How much proof do we need to know that Jesus was the Christ? We read it. We hear it…, and we still question HIS deity. Why? Is it because we are not interested in really knowing that we have the image of God and the Son within us? Why is that we cannot see that the love of Christ can live on the inside of us and make our lives better?

Are we more like the Pharisees than we know? Or just spiritually blind?

Well apparently, the former blind man was put out of the synagogue for acknowledging what Jesus did. Most of us can probably relate to trying to convince someone of the “truth,” and they still not believe you.

The best is always last. When Jesus heard that the man was put out of the synagogue, he found him and asked a very important question: “Do you believe on the Son of God?” Can you believe after all of that – the man said, “Who is he that I might believe on Him?

All of this time of opening his physical sight, this man still did not have any spiritual insight to recognize who Jesus really was.

This tells us, that although we have eyes, we still may not see.

So Jesus enlightened the man and said, “You have both seen Him and it is He who is talking with you..” And guess what? The light of truth uncovered what was hidden on the inside, and the man replied "Lord, I believe." And he worshiped him.

And Jesus said, “For judgment I have come into this world,

that those who do not see may see,

and that those who see, may be made blind.”

John 9:38-39 (NKJV)

When that great light shines on the inside of us, there is a great reverence in our heart that is filled with real LOVE. True worship requires a heart of love.

As we all grow and develop from the inside out – we want to check our vision to ensure we are seeing and believing!

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