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Iron Sharpens Iron

There is wisdom in knowing that some people are placed in our lives to sharpen us; and likewise, we are to sharpen others as well.

Sharpening is a process and the benefit is to refine, cultivate and enhance us. At times, the sharpening is applied softly and received well. At other times, the experience can be intense depending on those hard-course areas within us.

Sharpening is good because it can impact the future. As we know we can never go back and change the past.

Proverbs 27:17 says; As iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another.

This is another good reason why we should PRAY for one-another. Especially those whom God has placed in our path. They are there for a purpose — to sharpen in some form or fashion.

When you PRAY for someone you begin to see them in a different light. This is good because we are not always aware of the significance of a person being in our life.

In one view, someone could be holding the iron that a person needs to move forward in their walk. However, the opportunity to sharpen does not happen because of misalignments, ideologies, or simply a mind-set of unbelief. PRAYER helps us to be aligned with His will.

Now, there are different types of iron that God can use, so do not despise the sharpening process. It takes time to smooth those rough edges. Some will use sandpaper to grind off things. Others will rub and bend us into shape, while others will polish and buff for greatness. All can make us sharp enough to be used while in the earth.

Embrace, believe, and be willing to use your iron to sharpen someone today!

Rhonda Anderson


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