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What is Your Work Status?

Identifying your work status is important because it could be impacting your purpose. This does not refer to an employer work status, but the status directed at your purpose while assigned to a specific work.

This work status is not determined by a role or paycheck but by your purpose-driven assignment.

There are seasons (appointed times) that impact your life as they move you towards your purpose. Each season can withstand different statuses throughout the process of time.

There are many types of statuses, but let's consider 3 that may be impacting your purpose.

1. Is your work status PREPARING you for the next level towards your purpose? Meaning you are still learning and increasing your knowledge within your work assignment. You may be experiencing the pressure of being stretched to test your capacity to stand in your next level. This status keeps you on-course with purpose but without a specific timeline. It is a course of action essential to your future.

PRAY for patience to endure the preparation process — once equipped you can move forward.

2. Is your work status POSTPONING your progress toward your purpose?

Meaning it causes a delay in your process. It creates a bottleneck that slows down the flow in your growth and maturity. It hinders where God wants to promote you. Your mindset and thoughts are stagnated from lack of interest. This status can turn into missed opportunity.

PRAY for wisdom to help unlock the blockage to release your strength to press forward.

3. Is your work status PUSHING you into a pit to kill your purpose?

Meaning creating a hole of havoc in your life. A pit is without doors to keep you from entering into your blessings and promises. It feeds on stress, heaviness, doubt, and unbelief. Most of all it is a net of deception. This status is to lead you into believing that God has forgotten you, and there is no hope for success.

PRAY for strategies of deliverance to reposition you to win the battle over the adversary.

Our work assignments are a part of our daily lives. They are not limited to just working hours. We are still living life even while sleeping. Our timeline of life does not wait because we are asleep.

Wake up! Know your status! Pray and keep moving towards your Purpose!

~Rhonda Anderson

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