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Kingdom Thoughts Blog | Reflecting on the Process of Time

As we approach the end of the year, there is room for reflection to evaluate the “Process-of-Time in 2016.” Throughout the year, we have all experienced a multitude of milestones, disappointments and accomplishments that placed a marker in our path of life.

Some of them were pleasant with very fond memories, and some were not.

Nevertheless, they became a part of our footprint on this journey we call life. The Process-of-Time seals the period of unchangeable events. The results of those events have a direct effect for what is to come.

In reflecting on the 2016 time span, we could ask ourselves how the Process-of-Time have impacted our vision or purpose as we move towards 2017?

Below are some attributes that can describe a reflection status. All of these attributes begin with “P” as they are very “Popular”:

  • Did the Process-of-Time PREPARE you to blossom in your Vision or Purpose?

  • Did the Process-of-Time PUSH you straight into your Vision or Purpose?

  • Did the Process-of-Time POINT you toward your Vision or Purpose?

  • Did the Process-of-Time POSTPONE your Vision?

  • Did the Process-of-Time PULL you away from your Vision?

  • Did the Process-of-Time PROVOKE you to think more about your Vision or Purpose?

  • Did the Process-of-Time PLACE you in POSITION to PROSPER in your Vision or Purpose?

If one of these describe your status towards your vision and purpose, I encourage you to PRAY diligently for the upcoming year because it is filled with more time-markers that impact your Vision and Purpose-driven life here in the earth.

On behalf of KIPM [Kingdom Investments Prayer Ministry], I want to thank you for your love and support for the ministry in 2016. Each of you had a time-marker in our Vision and Purpose [even if you are reading this blog].

It is our prayer that this season bring you much joy, and peace in each day.

Be Blessed Beyond Measure,

Minister Rhonda Anderson

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