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About KIPM

Kingdom Investments Prayer Ministry (KIPM) primary focus is Intercessory Prayer. We have a mission and passion for the work of the ministry to spread the gospel and edify of the body of Christ. 


As a kingdom practice the ministry is a aid to the people through several channels; hosting teaching sessions, conferences, giving, writing books, spiritual base products and going outside of the walls to fulfill the mandate that have been given. 

The ministry was inspired and birthed in 2013. 

Author, Coach, Speaker and Trainer  Rhonda Anderson is the overseer of the business and ministry. Rhonda has a great passion for prayer and people. Her misision and goal is to spread the gospel and help build and transform lives.  [see author page].

KIPM is spiritually covered under the leadership of Bishop Rodney S. & Pastor Betty Walker — Heritage Church International in Waldorf, MD.  The ministry is in partnership with the School of Prophets, also based in Waldorf, Maryland. 

Our Vision

To connect and support God's will and vision for abundant living:

  • Be a light in the earth that points to the gospel of the Kingdom of God

  • Be a vessel that God can use for His Glory

  • Be a model that edifies the Body of Christ

  • Be a relationship builder

Our Mission

  • To minister the Word, teach the kingdom of God, preach in and out of season, and promote prayer across the nations.

  • To be a support aid to the church locally and nationally. ​To educate, train and equip believers in developing a stronger and more effective prayer life.

  • To be an advocate of the ascension gifts and the prophetic anointing to edify and build up the Body of Christ. 

  • To carry out the assignment given to the ministry by investing in the Kingdom of God through various ministry channels and spiritual work streams.

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